We have often wondered how to extract panoramic images from our scans. With this technique, after performing the Matterport scan, we will use the same tripod position to take a panoramic photographic capture. In this way, on the one hand we will obtain our 3D space, and also a 12K 360º equirectangular photograph.

Matterport Axis

Matterport Axis is a two-axis nodal head, which can be used for traditional panographic capture. The brilliant camera quality of the iPhone LiDAR series, has surprised all professionals. The sum results in panoramas of incredible quality.

Panography is based on the rotation of the entrance pupil of the optics used with the non-parallax point of the nodal head. This is very easy and simple to achieve using Matterport Axis. We will then capture the photos needed to compose the panorama. And finally, we will learn how to use stitching software, such as PTGui, to automatically compose the image.


But we are not only going to learn how to take panoramas, we are also going to learn how to use the iPhone camera. And we will pay special attention to capturing interiors, using the High Dynamic Range technique, (HDR). We will learn how to use the “night shooting” mode. And, of course, the RAW capture mode, which will allow us to get a shot very similar to what DSLR cameras get.

High Dynamic Range at PNG (RAW).


This is a personalised and individual training course. I will attend you personally via email, adapting to your needs. Once the camera is ready, I will ask you to do an exercise and send it to me for correction. If no correction is necessary, we will move on to the next exercise. In just a few days, you will know how to take spectacular 360° photos with your axis.

If you are interested in this one-to-one training, write to me and I will discuss the cost of the course and the method of payment.