It’s a great tool that goes unnoticed in places where you can’t ask for permission. At Universal Studios a policeman approached me and very correctly demanded that I detail what I was doing, I explained it in detail, and he took the hand microphone from his radio and he said: No problem, its a micro camera!

NANONIMI mounts the camera Sony Action Cam AZ1 whose optical system consists of a 12MP Exmor sensor, a Bionz processor and a 10mm Carl Zeiss optic.



It is the ideal tool for photojournalists, who need to take a photo very quickly. Its start-up is sudden, as the remote control recognizes both cameras immediately.

Its operation is very intuitive, just turn its base six times (60º), and finally take the picture of the Zenit, all in less than 30 seconds.

The Rig can mount the already discontinued GoPro Session 4 and 5 cameras with 8/10MP






This is a revision of NANOMINI, in this case mounts the Sony Action Cam AS15/20/30, which use the same optical set as the AZ1 but is much more economical.

It can work with interaxial distances of 2,5/5,5 and 7cm, so it adapts to any terrain.

The main advantage of this camera is that it can work in inverted position, using an extension with suction cup, it can be installed almost anywhere.





4It is an exciting camera, because it mounts 1:1 sensors of 3888 x 3888 px, and 7mm optics, so you will get something similar to a full frame camera with fisheye optics, with the only difference of the small size of its sensor. It is possible to get “Genlock” but for that you have to have a little experience in electronics.  This is the camera I used for the Tokyo Ginza report.



Sony Alpha 5000 Series


For professional work, it is necessary to use DSLR cameras. The Sony Alpha 5 due to the small size of its body allows an “Orhostereocopic” mount, and its lower slider allows us to work with Hippo and Hyper stereoscopic interaxial distances.

In the photo there is a cradle for Sony 16mm, with which we can obtain a panoramics of 27K.

It works like a panoramic head, with freedom of movement of 360º in two axes, with the difference that it can take two cameras aligned pseudo-nodally, in height and depth, being its nodal misalignment equal to half of its interaxial distance.


Sony Alpha 6000 Series

SONY DSCStatus: The RIG is built and working, now I’m making cradles for different optics with different entrance pupils.

Using the Sony Alpha 6700 4K, we can make VR 180 video or VR 3D 360º sequential video.