The Robotic Tripod







For its construction the first thing you need is a “Tripod Dolly”, I used the VELBON. But you can choose any other.

You will also need two “Ball Heads”, I recommend that they are of good quality, as they need to support heavy loads. One option is the LeoFoto LH25.

Finally you will need 2 Mecha E1 servomotors and two Mecha C1 controllers. And also some screws, and industrial double sided tape.  I buy the Mecha´s at Panosociety, they are nice and quick to ship. They know a lot about panography and will answer your questions quickly and efficiently. Click on the photos to go to Panosociety.

1.jpeg   2.jpeg    Mecha


Hands on the RIG



On the Velbon you will see that its three wheels are foldable, and that they are attached to the tripod by a bolt. You have to remove 2 of these bolts and discard the two wheels.

The wheel that is left in the central position when the tripod is folded, does not need to be handled. Now it’s going to be called the tail wheel.


Now you will find a screw with an exagonal head of about two centimeters, you must unscrew it and replace it with a longer one that allows you to adapt a photographic thread.



In this photographic thread is where we are going to install the two ball heads, so I suggest you look for a good anchorage. In addition to the thread, I used cyanoacrylate, to make sure there is no slack, and the anchorage is firm.


On the wheels


I have used children’s scooter wheels, which I bought from DECATHLON, they are 12cm in diameter.

To remove the wheel bearings, immerse them in boiling water for a couple of minutes. Don’t push, just pull. Note that there is a larger bezel inside.



13Now we’re going to create a new shaft, but with a photographic thread. For this we are going to use a flash lift. Unscrew it and insert it into the wheel. On the other side screw one of the parts of the lift, and that’s it!




Hands on Mecha

In the photo you can see the four steps, in which we will relocate the C1 unit, using the professional tape.

Once finished, the two servomotors will be ready to be installed on the tripod.

You only have to use the ball head fixation, to install the wheels with motors.

mecha   mecha2

The Result

It is now that we are going to understand the importance of the “ball head”, as we are going to use them to align both wheels, which must be perfectly parallel.

Your robot is ready, now you just have to program it. Remember that 4 Mecha can be synchronized, so if you install a two-axis system at the top, you’ll get a great and funny toy.