It is a unique photographic technique in the world,  developed by photographer Javi Baranano.

It consists of making an Omnistereography from three panoramic photographs.

It is a technique within the reach of all panoramic photographers in the world. All you need is a nodal head and a “Circular Fish Eye” camera.


The three photographs should be taken by moving the tripod four centimeters, and should form an equilateral triangle on the ground.
For each of these three panoramas, a 90º base must be used, in total four photos per panorama, twelve photos in all.

Send us the photos, buy a stitching ticket and within 48 hours you will receive your Omnistereo for your website.



Las-Hilanderas-VelazquezIf you have been given an extensive job and need help, it will be a pleasure. I use my own stitching technique based on different soft´s and many years of experience. Your work will be perfect and you will save a lot of time.


Javier Baranano.




Stereoscopic Stitching for Sterimathic.

These tickets are valid for stitching images captured with Sterimathic.



Stitching Ticket

Individual Professional Ticket for DLSR´s



3 Stitching Tickets.

Professional Tickets for DLSR´s



5 Stitching Tickets

Professional Tickets for DLSR´s



If you have any questions about Stitching, or TRINODAL,  please use this form just for professionals.