Allows you to capture stereoscopic panoramas at the press of a button.

esterimathicSterimathic is a stereoscopic robotic scanning system for indoor capturing, making it the indispensable tool for creating stereoscopic virtual tours.

It can work with any 360º camera, such as;  Insta, Ricoh, GoPro, Nikon, Kodak, Samsung, etc.

Its operation is easy and simple, place your camera on it, press a button and hide you behind the corner. In 20 seconds the scan will be finished.

Sterimathic makes the difference between a flat tour, and the magic of stereoscopy, with which now yes, you will feel inside the photo. The difference is very noticeable, we can compare it with the sensation that is perceived in 3D cinema, but in a 360º environment.

334-3340008_patent-pending-american-patriots-the-story-of-blacksThe name Sterimathic is a registered trademark. Its construction is based on a patent “Model of invention” filed by  J.Baranano.



mechaThe best parts of the professional photography market have been used for their construction. Its main part is the Mecha E1, a photographic rotator designed to load heavy professional cameras with absolute precision. Manufactured by Fanotec/Nodal Ninja.

The Mecha E1 has been modified, changing its initial configuration, so that the tripod’s footprint on the ground is as small as possible.

A vertical arm raises the system so that it can rotate freely without interrupting the cranks of traditional tripods.

17 copiaIn the upper part is mounted a double slide, Its main slider allows us to adjust the interaxial distance for each scan, while the top slider is used for vertical nodal adjustment.

mechiFinally Mecha E1 has been programmed with three scanning programs; maximum speed, best performance and maximum quality.  Just press the button with the chosen program and press play.