I am currently studying and looking for workflows to the different professional cameras, APS-C and Fullframe sensors, and different optics as 6,5mm / 8mm, / 12mm / 16mm,   and from September 2018,  I will be available to give courses anywhere in the world, if you want to organize a course in your country or your company, please contact me. 




Web-under-constructionThis new RIG, called Magic, allows Stereopanoramas to be extracted from most of the VR 360º cameras on the “prosumer” market. It was initially designed for the Samsung Gear 2016, but I have found that it works with most of the 360º cameras. A capture instruction is sent with the RIG, and a “Preset” for Mistika VR, with which you can develop your photos in minutes.




I have created some “Presets” for the cameras that already exist on the market, using the RIG “MAGIC” &  using these “Presets” in Mistika VR, you will get a perfect Stereopanorama in a few seconds.

Kandao OBSIDIAN.                   Kodak PixPro 4KVR360º             NIKON KEY 360º

INSTA PRO.                                   Gopro Fusion                                 Yi 360º VR

Samsung Gear 2016/2017.       VIRB 360º Garmin



7pIf you already have your own RIG, or are building one, you will need a “Preset” that will allow you to edit your Stereopanoramas. Send me the photos from your system,  and I will create the “Preset” for you in a few days.




Sal5000All RIG´s presented on this website are shipped with capture instructions and their corresponding Mistika VR “Preset”, so you can get your Stereopanorama on the same day you´ll  receive your equipment.

All models are built manually, one by one, numbered, signed and tested before shipping.  




ticketsRemember when we took our photo reels to our trusted lab to develop? This is what I offer you, if you have a heavy workload, or just don’t feel like sewing, buy the Stitching tickets.





 Charles Wheatstone original stereoscope, at the King´s College London &  J.Baranano. (Photo: Denis Pellerin).