If your work is focused on production and you need a fast and efficient workflow from the first moment, trust me with your photos and you will get a perfect result. Stitching tickets are only valid for the captures described on this website.

Stitching Ticket

Individual Professional Ticket for DLSR´s


3 Stitching Tickets.

Professional Tickets for DLSR´s


5 Stitching Tickets

Professional Tickets for DLSR´s


10 Prosumer Stitching Tickets.

When you purchase this pack, you will also get the necessary instructions for capturing with VR 180º video cameras, or mono 360º video cameras.




If you want to do it yourself, you won’t need any stitching soft, you just need Mistika VR. Presets are made for each stereo camera, as no two are the same. Using presets, stereo stitching takes less than half a minute. All you have to do is ingest and render.

NOTE: Free one “preset” service for Nodal Ninja customers, who purchase the Stereo Kit.

Presets for Nodal Ninja Stereo.

Together with the preset you will receive instructions for use and installation. Mistika VR 8.8.8 or higher is required.






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I have a long experience in training in audiovisual communication technologies. I taught the “Final Cut Studio” suite,  from version 1.2 to version 7.3,  and also collaborated with MacWorld. You can easy find me in the 100th issue of the Spanish edition of 2000.  I was also Mentor, for the creation of (DCP/3D) “Digital Cinema Package 3D” by “DOREMI”, today   “Dolby Philips”.

I am also certified by LEGO as a Robotics teacher for primary and secondary school children, (Number 486), for my passion, to be able to continue playing with LEGO and teach the children.

Thanks to S.G.O. for six months of “Strategic Parthener” I have worked daily with Mistika VR, creating different workflows for photography. During this course we will see Mistika VR in depth for photograhy,  and you will learn how to make presets.


Mistika VR personal training.

During this on-line course you will learn how to make photographic presets for Mistika VR.





Depth maps were in the spotlight after the launch of AVATAR 3D, and some post-production studios from India specialized in converting 2D to 3D using rotoscopy and depth maps. Shortly thereafter, RED ONE presented a “Beamsplitter” and became convinced. Stereoscopic production was cheaper and of better quality/result than conversion.

Depth maps are interesting for converting good old photos, or for extreme cases such as photography inside vehicles.

This is a service that I subcontract with third companies, and my task is to request the necessary corrections to achieve perfection.

If you are interested, please make a query.






Hardware & Software


I recommend certain brands and models simply because they work correctly.  By clicking on the items below, you will access their websites.


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