The Samsung Gear 2016 is an excellent stereo camera, even if Samsung doesn’t know it yet, or doesn’t want to say it, the reason is that its two nodal points are misaligned about 4cm.

This misalignment allows us to perform rotational Stereopanoramas in a simple, fast and effective way.



Select the “Photo” mode using both cameras and activate the “Timer” for 10 seconds. The reason for using the “Timer” is because you will have to leave the room before shooting. You will also have to turn off the TV, the fan and everything that moves, as this photographic technique is only valid for interiors without movement.


Place the Sam16 on a monopod and a rotator photograph, placing the optics of the camera at a minimum of 1.5m, and make this sequence of capture: With the rotator at 0 º make the first picture, advance 30 º clockwise, and take the second picture, finally advance another 30 º and take the third and last picture.


If you’ve done the capture correctly, you should have something like this:




Ingest the images twice in Mistika VR, in total 6 double photos, select the “Sam16Mono” preset, apply it and in a few seconds you will have your stereopanorama ready to render.


Please use anaglyph glasses (Red/Cyan) to check stereo quality.