sony copiaESTERITAR

The RIG ESTERCAM, has been designed to use the best and cheaptest mini camera currently on the market, the Sony AS20. The entire Sony Action Cam series is fitted with the same optical set, consisting of a Carl Zeiss Fisheye optics, a Bionz processor and a 12Mp Exmor sensor. Undoubtedly the best photographic quality we can find outside the DLSR.

It is an ideal tool for Real Estate photographers, as its brightness and variable interaxial distance allows it to work both indoors and outdoors.


For its use it is recommended to use your own remote control, which will trigger both cameras at the same time.




As a Golf player, place a coin where you are going to place the monopod, this reference will help you to make the picture of the nadir or to put the tripod back in the same place in case it moves.

8The photo of the Zenit begins to be taken, placing the cameras in their vertical position and making two captures at 90º.



4.jpg   5.jpg   6.jpg

Using the six reference marks you will find on the rotator, rotate around the camera and take the six shots.


Finally remove the RIG from the tripod and take the photo of the nadir with your right hand, while removing the tripod with your left hand.


GOPRO3DGafas  This is the system that was used for the realization of the report made in the Military Museum of Almeyda.