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The RIG ESTERIGO has been designed to work with any GoPro Session model, it can be installed in horizontal mode to perform the VR 180, or in vertical mode to perform the VR 360.

It has freedom of rotation of 360º in two axes, for which it includes a very high precision turning system.

ESTERIGO is a tool designed specifically for photojournalists, as it includes a very fast and efficient capture workflow, while being a robust and powerful tool of very small size and weight.

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Robot used to find the different capture systems.

This simple RIG, has been created after a complex process of capture experimentation, during which different techniques were tested, and I could find different “wokflows”.

Maximum speed: Six photos at the horizon, following the marks of your rotator, one photo at the zenith, and one photo at the nadir, can be taken in less than 30 seconds.

Maximum Quality: 24 photos, making 12 stops and two photos with a head of +35 – 35º, plus nadir.





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 GOPRO3DGafasThe report “A Walk at Down” published in 360Cities, consists of 30 Stereopanoramas that were captured in only 2 hours, according to metadata, between 6:30 and 8:30 in the morning, a record difficult to beat.