The RIG  2:13DROTONE is designed for Sony Fullframe models:  Sony Alpha 7 and 9 Series, and 180º FOV optics.

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The RIG  2:13DROTWIN is designed for Sony APS-C models and 16mm.
Rot2The RIG  2:13DROTURN is designed for Sony APS-C models, Fullframe and 16mm to 8mm optics.




Know how

Samsung RIGIts interaxial distance will depend on two factors, firstly the number of photographs we take to horizon and secondly the off-set misalignment of the camera’s nodal point with respect to the point of non movement of the rig.

This RIG requires some experience in panoramic photography, since varying the values mentioned, we will be able to realize Hipo-Ortho-Hiper Stereopanographics, due to It´s extensible arm which is weighted with 250gm (Pb), in order to achieve a perfect balance during capture with different off-sets.

“For the development of this system, the collaboration of a multidisciplinary team was necessary. My thanks to Jürgen Schrader and Roman Dudek, who made it possible: The first Spheric Stereopanorama shot with a rotational camera”.


Photo: Jürgen Schrader / Roman Dudek (SGO).