The experimental RIG 2:13DSAM18 has been designed to extract the full potential of its 3888 x 3888px “full frame” and 6.5mm optics, Samgung Gear 2016.

I have completely disassembled both cameras and checked that the connection cables to the motherboards can be alternated, and that the two cameras facing the same side could be synchronized by native genlock. I have also checked that the shot is made by short circuit, so there is no problem in simultaneously tripping all the cameras we want.

Now that Samsung has announced its participation in Google’s 180º VR program, it would come as no surprise that the new model expected for 2018 has the elements of this camera.

Baranano copia.gif

If you want to mount this system, you must remember to align the nodal points of each camera with the nodal axis of the Y-axis, which is why the cameras must be positioned 1.4cm behind the Y-axis of the RIG.

SAM 18 “Shooting Zenit + Nadir”


For the moment I have found the best capture workflow, using the same technique I use with true full frame and 6,5cm: Six columns and two photos in each one with +25º, -25º.

Shoot them with a certain synchrony, it is possible with a little practice and without the need to “hack” them, just use your thumb and heart simultaneously.

EXAMPLE  (Red/Cian).