VR 180 (Photo/Cinema)

VIDEOThe RIG  2:13D100 for the SONY UMC-S3CA video camera represents a new style of VR film production and a new way of storytelling.

Imagine two film cameras with an E-mount, FullFrame Sensor and Exmor prosessor with genlock as standard:


Now imagine two 12mm CZ.

touit       touit

And finally, mount the whole set on the RIG 2:13D100 and the  VR 3D 360  Photo/Video camera it is done!!

Zeiss copia


Knowing that we are using a “FullFrame” sensor and an 12mm optics, we will first take a photographic capture to obtain a 360º scenery, and then we will reorientate the camera in the direction in which the action will take place. We will then capture the video and integrate it into the 2:1 3D photo that  we previously captured.

The UMC-S3CA has been conceived as a “CrassCamera” so that its price is not excessively scandalous. You can buy two cameras and two 12mm Carl Zeiss fisheye optics for about 12K, more or less the price of  a high end VR 3D 360 multicameras  with prosumer sensors and optics.





For the development of this spectacular product I am counting on the experience acquired recently with Sony Action Cameras.

I’ll mount the RX0s on the AZ1 robot. This robotized system uses a Texas Instrument motherboard with a Sitara processor and USB, Wifi, and Micro SD ports.

If I get the Wifi communication protocols of the RX0 I will be able to shoot the cameras from the robot, and once the sequence of capture is programmed, you will only have to press a button to shoot the full panorama.

The Wifi function allows me to remote the set from a simple App, so we will be able to perform both an automatic  and  manual shot, using this robot as a hot head.

AZ1 Robotic system.

   DSC-RX0  RAW 24mm F4  15Mp


  The most interesting function  of this robot is the teleportation, quite simply, it’s about the Robot looking in the same direction as you, with your GEAR VR . (Patent Pending).