The omnistereoscopic camera.

It’s a one-button robot, you only have to worry about calculating the picture and when you’re ready, activate it. Deckard will make the capture in a totally automatic way, capturing the pictures that will form the Omnistereoscopic photograph.

The tests were conducted using a Sony Alpha 6 and a Meike 6.5mm photo lens.



In 30 seconds, it will capture the 10 photos needed to perform the stitching, which is fully automated, and is done in three minutes.

The original capture system used by Deckard, as well as the model itself, are protected by PCI patent. If you want to manufacture it commercially you should contact us. But feel free to build it for your personal use.

To see how it works, click on the picture, and slide until you read:

                                         A Stereopanorama at the touch of a button!.

mechalegopq copia



Deckard can be built using “Arca-Swiss” parts, but in this particular case it is more economical to buy it already finished.

Nodal Ninja Fanotec, is the manufacturer of this “Robotic Panoramic Head”, which has all the functions we need to make Omnistereoscopic pictures.  We will simply have to make some slight mechanical adjustments, and program the capture. Otherwise its operation is the same as Deckard.

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