The Google-certified Insta Pro camera was the first to mount a six-camera architecture with fisheye optics. Its main feature is VR 3D filming, which it does using three of its cameras to form the image on the right, and the other three to the left. In 2D mode it uses its six cameras, obtaining a higher quality image than in 3D, because it requires less optical-flow.



We must apply some restrictions during the capture, first we must place the optics 1.60cm from the ground, and respect this safety distance around the whole camera. We can capture moving scenes, except if this occurs within the safety distance, because as we see in the example shown, we will cause an excess of negative parallax, or positive divergence.


nadirBy using a monopod, the footprint on the Nadir will be minimal, just the three legs.


If you’ve done the capture correctly, you should have something like this.


Ingest the 6 images, selecting the “1InstaPro” preset, and in a few seconds you will have your stereopanorama ready to render.