The Gopro Fusion is an interesting stereoscopic camera, because its two optics are misaligned 1.7cm. This interaxial distance will allow us to work in situations that we cannot access using two DLSR´s. We will use this system for interior photography in reduced spaces such as bathrooms, or rooms with low ceilings.



We will have to use an adapter to place the Fusion on a photographic rotator, which we will use to rotate the camera with respect to its vertical axis. We can configure the camera in different ways but the easiest way is to use the photo mode. We will then throw out the “fisheye” photos in which we appear.


First we will use the optics on one side, and we will take 4 photos, one every 90º, and then we will use the camera on the other side to make the same capture, in total we will use 8 photos to compose the stereopanorama.



Ingest the 8 images, selecting the “1GoproFusion” preset, and in a few seconds you will have your stereopanorama ready to render.


Beware of shadows and lighting, it’s best to leave the room.