Detu Max is a new camera, whose architecture reminds us of the pioneer Vuce. Its system of 8 optics, allows us to generate each of the two views, right and left individually, which translates into good stereo quality.



We must apply some restrictions during the capture, first we must place the optics 1.60cm from the ground, and respect this safety distance around the whole camera, If you don’t respect this rule, strange things will happen that you won’t know the reason for…  is that when you close the spheres the interpolation will have to stretch and shrink, producing areas of low stereocopic quality.  We can capture moving scenes, except if this occurs within the safety distance.


Capture by entering the “Photo” mode and use the “Timer” if you do not want to appear in the photo, If you’ve done the capture correctly, you should have something like this:



Ingest the 8 images, selecting the “1Detumax” preset, and in a few seconds you will have your stereopanorama ready to render.