Charles Wheatstone Stereoscope & J.Baranano. Photo: Denis Pellerin (LSC).


Please let me know about the equipment you already have,”Hard” and “Soft” and also your experience in both Stereography and Panography. Together we will assess your needs and decide which type of RIG best suits your intentions.

It will take me a week to build and test your RIG, whit the same specifications you’re going to use.

Making the first panoramic will be very easy, since you will only have to make the number of photos that I will indicate to you in the capture workflow which I will send you along with the RIG. I’ll stitch you the first picture and I´ll send you some tips to improve the capture.

When you master the capture you’ll have to learn how to stitch and align the panos, so I’ll send you the software and you’ll learn how to handle it via Messenger.


My commitment is that in less than a month you will learn the technique, and you will be able to publish your work at 360Cities, starting to be part of a select club in which currently there are no more than 12 experts worldwide.





The King´s College London, Chapel survived the battle of England intact, no doubt… it’s some kind of magic. Photo: Denis Pellerin & Javier Baranano.