It’s a programmable robotic tripod. Designed to transport all kinds of panoramic heads. This robotic system converts your Omnistereoscopic camera into a 6Dof camera.

deckardTailweel uses two servomotors on its wheels, which are connected by wifi to the two servomotors of the two axle head that we can install on top… this opens a world of unlimited possibilities!

It is not only the 6Dof 360º, it can also be used for “Timelapses 3D 360º” and of course for video and cinema. Having an omnidirectional tripod that carries a two-axis head, allows you to create wonderful cinematic experiences, with a reduced cost.






It’s an “Opensource” system, anyone can build it. You’ll need a “Dolly Tripod“, two “Ball Heads” and two “Mecha E1”The assembly instructions can be found on this page.