The personalized one on one course is made on-line, has an approximate duration of two weeks and an amount of 99€, the objective is that you learn how to capture and carry out the postproduction, and that you know how to publish the photos in different platforms.

If you have a 360º camera we will use the “rotational” technique and if you have two exactly the same 360º cameras, or a QooCam, Vuze XR or Gopro Fusion, we will use the “Side-by-side” technique.

In both cases, you will need a tripod or monopod and a photographic rotator in addition to your camera, and for post-production we will use PTGui, a professional stitching software, which you can download for free in evaluation mode.





SGO-Mistika-VRAfter this training and in case you are using professional cameras, I offer you the possibility to learn how to finish your photos in a professional way. We will learn how to use Mistika VR for photography, and we will be able to professionally correct and finish your PTGui projects, I will guide you step by step, from ingest to rendering, learning to handle it in maximum performance mode, and when we finish you will have learned to edit a stereoscopic panorama in less than ten minutes.

When I receive the form, I will send you a mail explaining how to install your camera in the tripod and the rotator, as well as the sequence of capture that you will have to make, when you have the photos done I will ask you to send them to me, and then I will send you a personalized tutorial in which I will show you step by step through screenshots the process of stitchin, using your own photos, once you have finished your stereoscopic panorama I will expose you how to publish it in various platforms.

Javi Baranano.

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You can find me on Facebook or Mesenger as Javi Baranano: javibaranano(AR)

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