If you are interested in learning volumetric capture for photorealistic VR environments, I offer a series of customized courses. Each course specifies the material you should have. When you buy the course I will contact you immediately and together we will install your equipment, take the photos and learn how to develop them.

Stereoscopic capture is the basis for the creation of S3D virtual tours, and the application of interpolation and depth maps, for the 6Dof navigation.


First we will make a Briefing, in which I will expose you the particularities of the stereo capture, we will adjust the camera, and you will make the photos. You will send me the photos, I will edit them and we will make a Debriefing. When you know how to do the capture correctly, we will start with postproduction using PTGui.




This level is dedicated to 360º compact cameras. For the capture we are going to need a photographic rotator, easy to find in photo shops or online. For post-production we will need a stitching software called PTGui.






This level is dedicated to 360º Video Cameras. During this course you will learn to take stereoscopic photographs using cylindrical cameras such as Insta or Kandao. We will learn to position the camera, to respect the safety distances, and the secrets of stereography, necessary for a perfect comfort during the visualization.
For the edition we will use PTGui and also Mistika VR.






5PRO LEVEL I  Capturing interiors.

The capture of interiors requires the use of reduced ineraxial distances, adjusted to the size of each room.

During this course we will learn how to configure our equipment, calculate the interaxial distance and perform post production using the Mistika presets.

The price of this custom course, depends on your skills. If you are already an expert panographer, we can learn very quickly. If you are not experienced with DSLR’s the course will be longer.