• 10.0   Checking the quality in anaglyph format.
  • 10.1   Publishing in mobile applications.
  • 10.2   Publishing in image banks & VR WEB.
  • 10.3   Publishing at “Gala see the world.”

11.0)  Checking the quality in anaglyph format.

To check the stereoscopic quality of our work we can use applications such as “GoPro VR Player” or similar, which will change our equirectangular projection in a spherical environment that will allow us to rotate the image in all directions. This function has already been implemented in PS CC 2018.

Making an anaglyph in PS CC is quick and easy. We will open a new project and include the two panoramas “right and left” in two layers, positioning the right in the top layer.

gopro3dgafas copia



Then double click on the top layer “right” and open a popup screen, all we have to do is disable the RED information of the (RGB), accept, and the anaglyph is ready for export.


11.1)  Publishing in mobile applications.

There are different applications for mobile phones that support stereoscopic panoramas, but of all of them the best is: Stereoscopic 3D 360 Photo Player – VR Gallery


This application allows you to host 30 Stereopanoramas, which you must ingest in separate views, so you must perform individual renders.

Its handling is intuitive, just touch the screen on the right or left side and the App will open the gallery of images on your mobile to select the image.

11.2)   Publishing in image banks & VR WEB.

SAMSUNGThe image banks, as well as the storage platforms will ask you for the format (Under/Above) in which the right panorama has to be placed in the lower part.


360Cities is the only image bank in the world that offers stereopanoramas, a very interesting place to monetize our work.  An added bonus, by publishing your stereopanoramas in 360Cities, is that you will be able to make a “link” from your website, which will be displayed in WEB VR format, so that any visit from a mobile terminal will be shared in a 3D VR experience.

11.3)   Publishing at “Gala see the world”.

12331119_332190313801763_5852910405667520512_nGala is an application of the Oculus store, which follows John Carmack in person, and is the easiest way to make your stereoscopic work known because your photos will be seen by tens of thousands of people around the world. And the most interesting thing is that you will receive financial compensation depending on the visits you receive. To upload photos you only have to register.  It is very easy and intuitive: