Stereo stitching

8.1) PTGui
8.2) Autopano Giga.


8.1   PTGui.


ptguiIn PTGui we will proceed in a habitual way, taking into consideration that we are going to stitch all the images together as much those of the right as those of the left at the same time.





Once the panorama is finished, the only thing we have to do before the render is to deactivate the frames/images on the left side to save the panorama on the right and then proceed in reverse order to export the image on the left.


In the image below we see the result having used the “Spline 64 in which the Parallax/Stitching errors are really small.


8.2)   Autopano Giga.


If you are an Autopano Giga user and you are still using it, I have using version 4.4. Just like using PTGui, let’s proceed as usual but using left and rigth pics and finally deactivate the right or left layers.


Once finished, the easiest way to export right and left is to create two folders, one for each view, and when activating or deactivating the whole group, we will obtain the image of the right or left.


As in PTGui, the stitching saws are minimal, even smaller using once again the interpolator “Spline 64″.