ESTEREOSCOPE copia    Since I was a child I have not stopped hearing that photography is the art of capturing an instant in time.

No matter its name, this photographic style will transport your clients in space and time, taking them to another place, where you were in the past capturing this “frame” of time.

Stereocopic equirectagular photography is a product that will position itself by its own weight, because a photograph is not a video frame, and we photographers know…!



  1. Intro.
  2. Historical review.
  3. The stereography.
  4. The stereopanography.
  5. Research and development.
  6. Stereoscopic panorama capture.
  7. Stereo stitching.
  8. Publication.

  • 1) Intro
    • 1.1 One button cameras.
      • Monoscopic.
      • Stereoscopic.
    • 1.2 The human factor.
    • 1.3 Stereoscopic visual acuity test.


1.1) One button cameras “Monoscopic”


32In recent years we have witnessed a profound transformation of panography, the appearance of one-button cameras has socialized the technique making it affordable for consumers who are delighted to see their photos and vids on VR Gears, and unfortunately, they don’t even care about the photographic quality, the chromatic aberration or the grid effect.

And at the same time,  the industry is aware that VR Gear´s  screens are stereoscopic, and knows that using two displays and putting the same image on both, is a waste of the fundamental performance of the VR Gears.


ricoh-theta-v-prod-720x720ricoh-theta-v-prod-720x720 So why not, a one-button, 360° stereoscopic camera,   made using two two-lens cameras each?


YI-Horizon-VR180-Front-810x506The answer is simple, it is not possible because one camera sees the other, but by reducing the FOV a few we can eliminate the side areas, and in this way it is possible to take photos and videos in VR 180 mode, and this is why the industry took a step back, and introducing stereography without saying so, and went from 360º to VR 180º.


1.1) One button cameras “Stereoscopic”

The minimum number of cameras needed to make a stereoscopic panorama is six, three images for each of the two views, the solution that the industry has adopted for Video VR cams.







Existen otro tipo de soluciones como por ejemplo hacer rotar una cámara VR 180, pero para ello hay que incluir dos servo motores y una placa base, y conseguiriamos la captura, pero no es fácil consiga un




Si revisamos la historia de la fotografía no será dificil encontrar cámaras fotograficas estereoscopicas

nodalThere are already one-button cameras capable of making stereoscopic panoramas and stitching them “on board”, but a video frame is not a photograph, because now it is necessary to add to the panography new elements to take into account: respect for the basic rules of stereography, different capture techniques, interaxial distance, tripod elevation, optics to use, safety distance, handling the parallax in postproduction, scenic composition, etc… Variables that cannot handle a single button camera, and that is the reason why behind a stereoscopic panorama there will always be a professional.





Since steriopsis is a neuronal sensory perception, it can only be measured by statistical comparison, and there are many people who, even if they have a healthy optical system, are not able to perceive this sensation.

One of the ways to check the steriopsis is the use of Test, either in polarized format or anaglyph, the color glasses (Red/Cyan) are of common use in stereography.

This test was commissioned by the “Low Vision Clinic Angel Barañano” in Madrid (Spain).

If using anaglyph glasses, you can tell the order of distance of the first line images, your stereoscopic visual acuity exceeds the average.


1 TEST copia



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