Stereopanoramas using 360º VR cameras



The cameras known as VR 360º: Theta, Insta, Samsung, etc. have two fisheye optics, back to back, which give you two “Circular fisheye” of approximately 7.5 mm. If we mount these cameras on an Fanotec Mecha E1 and make a 60º capture, we will obtain the perfect material to compose a Stereopanorama, which we will edit in seconds, using a “preset”  for Mistika VR, which you can download and install.




This capture is a very good trick of illusionism, because it makes before your eyes a capture “side by side” without you noticing it.

We use the program of capture number 2 of our Mecha E1 (60º), the camera will make six stops and in each of them it will make two photos, one towards each side, 12 in total, with which we will be able to compose a good Stereopanorama.

When the camera reaches the shooting position number 4, it is composing the “stereo pair” that complements the capture position number 1. Capture positions 5 and 6, make up the “stereo pair” with captures 2 and 3.






This preset will work, as long as you respect some rules: Set your camera optics to 160cm, Rotate always clockwise, and maintain an omnidirectional safety distance of 120cm.

Note: Each interaxial distance requires a different preset.

Download the “preset” and install it on your computer, you just have to locate it in the folder “Camera Presets”.

Downloading and installing the preset may not cause any damage to your computer, If you have doubts, please consult the S.G.O. technicians, who will inform you of the route to follow, and clear your doubts about this action.

MISTIKA VR Preset: 1Sam16MechaE1.grp





It is very easy, the only action needed is to install a small photographic plate on the Mecha E1, which allows the camera to move TWO centimeters with respect to the vertical axis of rotation.


NOTE: If we humans used fish eyes, our interaxial distance would be 4cm.

We must banish the erroneous idea of working orthostereoscopic using “FishEyes” because to work with 6.5cm of interaxial, it is mandatory to use optics with a FOV similar to our eyes.





I have separated the “intelligent brick” of the Mecha E1, from the peripheral servomotor, simply unscrewing, the three small screws that you will find in the fastening arm of both units. To fix it in an upright position, you only need two pieces of adhesive Velcro.

Note: This action does not affect the warranty of the product.





Position the optics 160cm from the ground, turn it clockwise and maintain an omnidirectional safety distance of  120cm.

Once the camera is installed in the Mecha E1, we will take a 60º capture, using the number 2 capture program. Mecha E1, has a “wifi” port, but I have not yet been able to configure the shot, with the Samsung 2016, so I was forced to use another trick, a small remote control “wifi” hidden in the sleeve.  Each 360º VR camera has its own instructions and accessories, so you should study it before starting the capture.



Never before has it been so easy, you will only have to ingest and render!



Before open Mistika VR, an action is necessary. Since we are going to use a double frame, we will have to ingest the six photos twice. The easiest way is to duplicate the photos in their original folder.





Now we can open Mistika VR, where we will create a project of 7680px, because the height of our frame is 3.888px, curiously the largest size of all VR 360º cameras currently on the market (April 19).


Go find your photos, drag and drop on the Mistika VR screen.

Captura de pantalla (4).png

Tell it to use the images as: Import files as individual images.



Now tell Mistika VR that your Video RIG, has 12 cameras. Check the box: “Use default preset” and finally, in the drop-down select the preset: 1Sam16MechaE1.

Captura de pantalla (6).png

Before accepting, take a breath and hold it.
Before you need oxygen, your Stereopanorama is ready to render. It’s magical!

Captura de pantalla (7).png

Captura de pantalla (8)



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