Mistika VR  Training.

oculus-go-headset-2 copiaEquirectangular Stereoscopic Photography is a technique that consists of non-nodal capture, which involves a parallax error to be corrected by interpolation. Mistika VR was designed to align spherical videos captured by multiple cameras and therefore not nodes. The use of MIstika VR for Stereopanoramas has been successful, as it is rendered instantly on the GPU for a single frame.

vr_banner_1My job as S.G.O. Mistika VR “Affiliate” is to offer the product with an interesting added value for the photographers, my mentoring. Registering with Mistika VR by clicking on the logo on the left “Play With Reality”, I will guide you in the handling of the application, and I will show you how to get the most out of it.

      Javi Baranano.

Photo: Jürgen Schrader / Roman Dudek / Javier Baranano


Zeiss copiaStereopanoramas Professional Training.



The first thing to do is to evaluate the material you already have, knowing that the minimum requirement is to have an 8mm optics, and a DSLR with APS-C or Fullframe sensor. With this equipment, you will be able to perform the “Rotational” technique, but to obtain a professional result you will need two cameras in ortho-stereoscopic side-by-side arrangement.


Once you have set up your capture system, I will ask you to take a photo, I will develop it and check if the capture has been correct or if we can still improve.


Once we have standardised the capture system I will create a Mistika VR Preset, and show you how to install and use it.  Then you can do it yourself. But if your workload is too heavy, I can handle the stitching, and you just have to shoot.







AmaliaI’m back in the 3D/Oros production company, formerly dedicated to 3D cinema, so now I can help you with your first work.  I have all the necessary material to face any kind of situation, stage or lighting.

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