Stereoscopic  panoramic  photography is a spherical technique of non-nodal capture, which involves a parallax error to be corrected by interpolation.  Mistika VR was designed to align spherical videos captured by multiple cameras and therefore, non-nodal. The use of MIstika VR for the realization of Stereopanoramas has been a success, because its rendering by GPU for a single frame, is done instantly.

vr_banner_1My job as S.G.O. Mistika VR “Affiliate” is to offer the product with an interesting added value for the photographers, it is that I offer my mentoring, and at the same time a set of photographic “presets”. By registering on Mistika VR by clicking on the left hand logo “Play Whit Reality” you will receive the photo preset of your interest, or I’ll customize it for you.


                                                                                                                      Javier Baranano.


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Photo: Jürgen Schrader / Roman Dudek / Javier Baranano



rot2The capturing techniques must be carried out accurately to the degree and with a correct alignment to the horizon, so it is important to use professional material, otherwise the preset will not work perfectly when changing the geometry of the shot.





  1. Samsung Gear 2016.     7
  2. Detu Max.
  3. InstaPro.        
  4. Kandao Obsidian.                        
  5. Qoocam. “In process”
  6. Gopro Fusion.
  7. Sony A7, 8mm. Rotacional. “In process”
  8. Kodak Pix Pro.
  9. Sony A6, 8mm. Rotacional.
  10. Sony A5, 8mm. Rotacional.
  11. Fullframe Side by Side, 8mm.
  12. Fullframe Side by Side, 12mm.
  13. APS-C Side by Side, 8mm.
  14. APS-C Side by Side, 12mm.
  15. APS-C Side By Side, 16mm.





9     8     4    7     3     2     10




ticketsRemember when we took our reels to develop, to our trusted lab? If your workload doesn’t allow you to waste time developing, I will be happy to help you, tell me your case and we will find a reasonable price for both.