Virtual Reality Photography, VR 3D 360 Photo.

From the web to your mobile phone, an experience to be seen on your VR Gear.

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How it works.

When you visit the web from your mobile phone the 360º VR 3D photos are displayed as 2D photos, but clicking on them will activate the virtual reality engine, once activated click on “ENTER VR” and now you can use your VR GEAR.

“You’ll see the difference right away… 3D adds volumetrics to the photo, you’re really going to believe you’re there…”



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Market Niche

This new audiovisual communication product has infinite applications: Photojournalists will show us the harshness of reality, Real Estate agencies will sell properties from their website, Travel influencers will take us to exotic places, Children will learn the history of civilizations and art in a new and passionate way, Great museums will be visited from the other side of the world, everything you can imagine. There are no limits…























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How we do it.

Rotational Stereopanoramas

The technique “Rotational Stereopanoramas” presented by the photographer Javier Baranano during the IVRPA annual congress held in Tokyo in 2108, is a revolutionary technique that socializes the production of stereocopic panoramas.


The great advantage of this capture technique is that only one camera is needed.



If you use a Full Frame camera and 8mm optics, you will obtain a truly professional result, but you can also use any of the 360º video cameras on the market, such as Gopro Fusion, Insta 360º One/X, Ricoh Theta, Kodak Pixpro, Nikon Keymission, Samsung Gear 16/17, Xiaomi 360, Garmin VIRB 360º, LG 360º Cam, etc.

To perform this technique you will only need your camera, a tripod or a monopod (recommended) and a photographic kneecap.

           manfrfussion   rotador


Side by side Stereopanoramas

AZ1ROTThe technique “Side by Side” is based on the traditional stereography, consists of making the capture using two equal adjacent cameras. In this case the capture is done in a similar way to 360º panoramas, with the difference that the rotation point is not nodal, but the intermediate point of the segment that joins both nodal points. To perform this technique using action cameras such as GoPro or Sony action Cam, it is necessary to use an extra “hardware” that allows the rotation of these cameras 360º x 360º.

The arrival of the VR 180 cameras has made production much easier, and now cameras such as the Qoocam or the Vuze XR, allow the realization of stereoscopic panoramas quickly and easily. Another alternative to these cameras is the use of two 360º video cameras, mounted on a photographic rotator.

kandao-qoocam-action-camera               hp_xr_camera_fade           SamGIF


The Samsung Gear 16 camera has proved to be very effective, as its 7.5mm optics and 4K sensor allow for good quality stereo panoramas. Once configured and thanks to its double lens it becomes the fastest VR 360 camera on the market, because it can capture a stereo panorama in less than 15 seconds.


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The personalized one on one course is made on-line, has an approximate duration of two weeks and an amount of 99€, the objective is that you learn how to capture and carry out the postproduction, and that you know how to publish the photos in different platforms.

If you have a 360º camera we will use the “rotational” technique and if you have two exactly the same 360º cameras, or a QooCam, Vuze XR or Gopro Fusion, we will use the “Side-by-side” technique.

In both cases, you will need a tripod or monopod and a photographic rotator in addition to your camera, and for post-production we will use PTGui, a professional stitching software, which you can download for free in evaluation mode.





SGO-Mistika-VRAfter this training and in case you are using professional cameras, I offer you the possibility to learn how to finish your photos in a professional way. We will learn how to use Mistika VR for photography, and we will be able to professionally correct and finish your PTGui projects, I will guide you step by step, from ingest to rendering, learning to handle it in maximum performance mode, and when we finish you will have learned to edit a stereoscopic panorama in less than ten minutes.

When I receive the form, I will send you a mail explaining how to install your camera in the tripod and the rotator, as well as the sequence of capture that you will have to make, when you have the photos done I will ask you to send them to me, and then I will send you a personalized tutorial in which I will show you step by step through screenshots the process of stitchin, using your own photos, once you have finished your stereoscopic panorama I will expose you how to publish it in various platforms.

Javi Baranano.

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You can find me on Facebook or Mesenger as Javi Baranano: javibaranano(AR)

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