• cropped-oculus.pngOnmistereoscopic Cars.
  • 6Dof  Stereoscopic Virtual Tours.
  • Sterimathic for Ricoh Z1.
  • Stereoscopic 360º Models.
Panel 1

Omnistereography inside Cars.

Choose the color and interior finishes.

Your customers will be able to see the different interior finishes, seat types, upholstery colours, leather stitching colours, as well as the extra equipment.

RojoDER MarronDER BLANCO IZQ BeigeDER ClaroDER copia NegroDER copia








And park your car in amazing places!



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Marcolpolo2 Stereoscopic virtual tours. 

Through an App for Oculus, your clients will be able to share the final decision with the family. And everyone will be able to sit wherever they want…




Trsera   Driver   CENT   Copi


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Panel 2

6Dof Stereoscopic Virtual Tours



TAILWEEL is the name of our robot. Designed and built for the purpose of capturing virtual stores in 6dof stereoscopic format.



Tailweel (TM),  will tour your entire store and, through an Oculus Quest application, your customers will be able to do the same tour, move forward, backward and look around. And they will be able to add everything they want to the shopping basket.


Panel 3


ZSterimathic is a robotic photo capture system that turns your Ricoh Z1 into an Omnistereoscopic camera for Oculus Quest.



It has been designed by Javier Baranano, and is manufactured and distributed by Nodal Ninja Fanotec.



An omnistereoscopic photograph produces sensations!!!

Stereography kidnaps you and makes you feel inside the picture. The sensation is so intense that you will try to walk. This is the next level for 3D Virtual Tours, for both “Matterport” and “Ricoh Tours”.

     interaxial  parra   Sin-título-2        cropped-oculus.png


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Panel 4

Stereoscopic 360º Models


gopro3dgafas copia







SilonTraditional stereoscopic photography has returned more strongly than ever before.  A photographic technique has returned thanks to virtual reality.

We can now photograph models in the studio and then integrate them into virtual spaces.

An ideal product to make fashion catalogues.