Omnistereoscopic Photography for Oculus Quest

Panel 1

The omnistereoscopic camera.

It’s a one-button robot, you only have to worry about calculating the picture and when you’re ready, activate it. Deckard will make the capture in a totally automatic way, capturing the pictures that will form the Omnistereoscopic photograph.




Panel 2

The Twin omnistereoscopic cameras.

Single-axis cameras are used for outdoor capture. They mount APSC or full frame sensors and fisheye optics, which are able to see behind them.





We use two-axis cameras to capture interiors, using 12mm optics.




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Panel 3

The robotic tripod.

It’s unique in the world, made by us.

It’s a programmable robotic tripod. Designed to transport all kinds of panoramic heads. It allows us to capture large areas, in a few hours. 






Panel 4

Javier Baranano.

Omnidirectional Stereography PhotographerESTEREOSCOPE copia

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