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Allows you to capture stereoscopic panoramas at the press of a button.

esterimathicSterimathic is a stereoscopic robotic scanning system for indoor capturing, making it the indispensable tool for creating stereoscopic virtual tours.

It can work with any 360º camera, such as;  Insta, Ricoh, GoPro, Nikon, Kodak, Samsung, etc.

Its operation is easy and simple, place your camera on it, press a button and hide you behind the corner. In 20 seconds the scan will be finished.

Sterimathic makes the difference between a flat tour, and the magic of stereoscopy, with which now yes, you will feel inside the photo. The difference is very noticeable, we can compare it with the sensation that is perceived in 3D cinema, but in a 360º environment.

334-3340008_patent-pending-american-patriots-the-story-of-blacksThe name Sterimathic is a registered trademark. Its construction is based on a patent “Model of invention” filed by  J.Baranano.



It has been designed and built to the highest quality standards to be licensed to Ricoh. Thanks to Ricoh’s developer program and Theha Z1’s Android architecture, all you have to do is press a button, Sterimathic will do the rest.




mechaThe best parts of the professional photography market have been used for their construction. Its main part is the Mecha E1, a photographic rotator designed to load heavy professional cameras with absolute precision. Manufactured by Fanotec/Nodal Ninja.

The Mecha E1 has been modified, changing its initial configuration, so that the tripod’s footprint on the ground is as small as possible.

A vertical arm raises the system so that it can rotate freely without interrupting the cranks of traditional tripods.

17 copiaIn the upper part is mounted a double slide, Its main slider allows us to adjust the interaxial distance for each scan, while the top slider is used for vertical nodal adjustment.

mechiFinally Mecha E1 has been programmed with three scanning programs; maximum speed, best performance and maximum quality.  Just press the button with the chosen program and press play.


What’s in the box.


You will find the unit ready to work, no need for any kind of installation, maybe you have to charge the battery, nothing else.

CajaSteriAll equipment is assembled individually, one by one. Its capture software is installed and tested by an operator, so you will have the security of turning on and working from the first moment.

Along with Sterimathic you will receive a complete scanning manual. This manual will explain how to adjust the interaxial distance for each scan, plus some interesting advice based on experience. You will also have access to the restricted access pages of this web site, in which we discuss news, tricks & tips.


And forget the clouds!


super_cloudIf you are a photographer, you will be able to develop the photos yourself, without depending on anyone. You only need a professional stitching software, like PTGUi, that you’ll only have to pay once.   In the menu “Workflow´s” you will find a complete postproduction manual using PTGui and also Mistika VR.

Once the photos have been edited, you will be able to upload them to the platform of your choice…   such as ORBIX, a totally free Stereoscopic Space.


If photography is part of your job, but you don’t want to worry about developing the photos, we will put you in contact with an IVRPA professional photographer near you.

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How it works?

Sterimathic has been designed and built to employ professional panographic photographic techniques but using 360º cameras. Its operation is the same as using DSLR´s cameras and nodal heads, but in a practical and simple way.


Adjusting nodal alignment:

parraInstall your Ricoh Theta Z1 on top, with the rear camera facing you, using the photographic nut. We will then adjust the nodal adjustment matching the robot’s point of no parallax with the entrance pupil of the front camera. It is very simple, a stop will allow for precise and quick adjustment.

This alignment is an advanced technique, which we will use to capture high precision, needed inside vehicles.

Ginza, Tokyo.








Adjustment of the interaxial distance.

interaxialThe interaxial distance is the one that will offer us a greater or lesser stereo effect. The farther the camera is from the rotation axis, the greater the stereo effect.

It is very important to adjust this distance correctly, as an excessive effect can lead to stitching errors.  If you adjust the interaxial distance as described in the instructions INSTRUCTIONS  you will get a perfect stereo effect.

Miami, FL







What technique does Sterimathic use?

Sterimathic can perform the different stereoscopic capture systems described in the section:: STEREO PANORAMA CAPTURE





Rotational capture: Mimics VR video cameras such as the Insta Pro, the Kandao Obsidian or the Insta Titan.

The big difference is that you will be able to imitate the Insta Titan capture by selecting yourself the interaxial distance you need. This feature allows you to work indoors, even in very confined spaces, such as bathrooms.





Tangential capture:  The tangential capture is an evolution of the “rotational” capture in which the camera has been rotated 90º with respect to the rotation axis of the system. The result is a cleaner stereography, without the fall of the stereo effect in the seams.




Side by side capture:

lateralIt is the capture that offers the best stereoscopic result, since it is based on traditional stereoscopy. It is not easy to appreciate, but this system of capture discovered by J. Baranano, makes the capture so that the “stereo pairs” are configured during the rotation.

In the GIF, we see number one, and number four capture positions. Thanks to the absolute precision of the Mecha E1, in the end it is as if we had used two cameras.

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VR 3D 360º Samples

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