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Carl Sagan VR

In “A Pale Blue Dot,” (1995) Carl Sagan states: “Then there is the Martian virtual reality: The data we receive from Mars, stored in a modern computer, is transferred to our helmet, gloves and boots. We’re walking in an empty room on Earth, but to us it feels like we’re on Mars.”

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Blu-Ray 3D

Mastcam-Z is an onmidirectional stereoscopic camera, which is already providing incredible views of the surface of Mars in stereoscopic format.

The Mars 3D Blu-Ray began production on Sol 3, and will be completed when Perseverance finishes its operational mission.

In the meantime, the partial images we produce will be available to universities and schools around the world.

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Mars 3D Anaglyph

In this section you can download royalty free stereoscopic images.

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Javier Baranano.

Stereoscopic Stitching Photographer


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