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Remain in the blissful ignorance of illusion.

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Six degrees of freedom

Six degrees of freedom “6Dof” means that you will feel the same sensations as in the real world. In a photorealistic scenario.
Sizes, distances, volumetry in general will be the same.
The perception will be ortho stereoscopic and with a sense of parallax.

Photo: By Cycode.

You will be able to walk within a sequence of photos, feeling that the environment moves with absolute naturalness around you. You will feel so immersed that your mind will believe you are there.

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Omnistereoscopic Photography

6Dof photography gives us a higher quality image than video. But it limits us to spaces without movement and with constant light.

It is necessary to take 18 photos with great precision. It is possible to capture manually, but it is advisable to use a motorised two-axis nodal head.

Finally these 18 images are all interpolated together, creating a sphere and the different images that make up the 6Dof frame are extracted.

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6Dof 360º Video.

Great discoveries come suddenly, but not by chance.

Javier Barañano.

The Rhombicuboctahedron

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Javier BaraÑano.





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