It is a research and development, turned into an Invention model (Pat.Pending) Designed and built for 360º LiDAR capture. It is a traditional nodal head that generates an onmidirectional point cloud burst. With epicenter at the non-parallax point of the nodal head.

The result is a 360º Nodal LiDAR capture, similar to that of high-end scanners such as the Leica BLK 360.

This scanning allows us to make Doll Houses, Floor Plans, Autocad 3D and, Equirectangular Panoramas.


Apple has invented a LiDAR-assisted photographic camera. It focuses at the speed of light, even in the dark. Its long exposure mode allows you to take photos by candlelight. The high dynamic range RAW mode is spectacular, achieving a depth of field never seen before. And photos in “portrait” mode generate depth maps, allowing selective development. In short, Apple has invented a new photographic standard.


Nodal Ninja represents the highest quality and experience in nodal head´s design and manufacture for over 18 years.

That is why we have chosen this manufacturer. Because the result that the iPhone offers us with Nodal Ninja, is the highest quality.

You must use a good quality tripod. If it wobbles, the entrance pupil also wobbles, and the result is not good.


Until very recently, this function was reserved for users of a particular brand of LiDAR camera. Now, the use of iPhone LiDAR has socialised this technique. An agreement with an experienced company (iOS, LiDAR) makes it possible to create dollhouses free of charge.


The point cloud generated by iPhone Nodal Head is all you need to create a 3D CAD model. This is a lucrative new service you can offer to your clientele.


Depth mapping is native to iPhone LiDAR. In portrait mode this function is activated. It is possible to make a panoramic equirectangular depth map without the need for an app. It is an advanced technique that requires some panographic knowledge.


The automatic HDR/RAW function will allow you to make high quality equirectangular panoramas. No one will know which camera you have used.


The long exposure mode allows you to take pictures in almost total darkness. In this photo the only light was from the candles and the moon. The exposure was 30 seconds, so the panorama was captured in six minutes.


The process is fully automatic. Except for the RAW adjustment which is done in the native iPhone application.


It has always been thought that the learning curve is steep. In this case it is very simple. The stitching is done fully automatically using PTGui. To obtain a fast and high quality stitching, just align the nodal head correctly. And that’s very easy with the iPhone.

Javi Baranano

Photographer, Stereographer, Panographer, Robotics, Apple Trainer.

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